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614 Message Greeter

The Marsh 614 Message Greeter is ideal for drive-thru communication systems such as those at fast food restaurants, banks and pharmacies. Click here for a product brochure.The Marsh Products 614 Message Greeter is without question the most powerful and flexible audible message repeater system available. It is ideal for drive-thru communication systems such as those at fast food restaurants, banks and pharmacies, or other places where audible advertisements are required.

The 614 Message Greeter accepts a dry contact closure to trigger any one of nine recorded messages with clear, crisp audio output. The messages, which can be manually selected or predetermined based on the time of day, are inserted into an existing audio channel.

The 614 allows you to program a different message to be output at different times of day, at the desired volume at just the right time. For instance, one message can be recorded to be played during the breakfast hours, another message during the lunch and dinner hours and yet another for when the business is closed.

Messages can also be programmed to repeat. All told, nine messages can be programmed into nine different day parts for each day of the week. All of this flexibility is easily set up and configured using the systems keypad and LCD display or a personal computer.

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  • Eight programmable 25-second message slots.
  • One programmable 40-second message slot.
  • Nine programmable day parts for each day of the week (63 day parts in all).
  • Programmable volume control for each day part.
  • 0- to 99-second programmable delay for each day part.
  • Message repeating for each day part.
  • 0- to 99-second programmable repeat delay for each day part.
  • RS485 communications port for connection with personal computer.
  • All settings, including messages, are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Internal battery backed up date/time clock.
  • 2-line-by-16-character LCD display.
  • 16-key keypad for easy programming.
  • Built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control).
  • Built-in low pass filtering.
  • Message programming available through external speaker/microphone or headset.
  • Message programming available through user-supplied audio channel.
  • Ideal for drive-thru applications
  • Ideally suited for use with the Marsh Products 610 Vehicle Detector.
  • Connects to the Marsh Products communications network for complete system control.

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