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Alpha Series Single-Channel
Voice Communication Systems

Alpha Series Remote Stations are available in a wide range of styles.Alpha Series Single-Channel Voice Communication Systems are high in quality, yet uncomplicated and cost-effective. In addition, they are designed for simple operation.

Among their features:

Presence alert/announcement with hands-free operation: An arrival at the remote location is announced by an LED at the master station and a repetitive beep tone. Depending upon the type of presence detection used, the audio may be programmed to turn off and on automatically or manually.

Durable remote station: The remote station is ruggedized and weatherized to operate under the most difficult conditions.

Flexible mountings: A wide selection of mountings that take up little or no valuable counter space is available. Unique designs allow some master station mountings to be adjustable, while others are fixed.

Low-cost installation: All Marsh products are backed by a worldwide service network of more than 400 authorized agents who provide fast, reliable, low-cost installation and service. Replacement parts are available through your local dealer, service agent or directly from Marsh Products.

Warranty confidence: All systems carry a one-year factory warranty on parts when the system installation has been performed or inspected by an authorized Marsh service agent.


Master station:

  • Reliable, solid-state electronics.
  • Low voltage, low energy consumption.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Can pick up a whisper at 20 feet.
  • Electronic voice range filtering and automatic voice level control for clear, understandable audio quality.
  • Compatible with most presence detector types.

Remote station:

  • Clear audio communication with a minimum of unwanted external noise.
  • Internal, hidden volume control for each remote station.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Weatherproof speakers built to perform well under all climatic conditions.

Remote monitor station: Remote speakers may monitor both inbound and outbound audio. These versatile units can be mounted almost anywhere for system flexibility, and include individual volume control.

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